The Sonic Revolvers are a four piece rock band from Cheshire UK. They consist of Darrell Tinsley(vocals) Richey Jones(guitar)  Anthony Young (bass) & Sam McMahon (drums). The band started out as the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Richey Jones and formed together as band in late 2010. The band have played extensively over the last 5 years and have supported bands such as The Hooisers, Pretty Vicious and Young Rebel Set. 

Born out of wanting change. Broken homes and a broken society. Creating culture, making a differences. Lost souls tired of the world they are given. Creating their own. Passion, anger. Join them. Stand alone, stand together.

Scream your Revolution!


Four Culture Magazine described the singles, 'If this what The Sonic Revolvers are capable of producing, then the forthcoming album should be just as good.'

With Musings of  A Music Fan adding  'After hearing three songs from them this year I’m a definite fan, and itching to see a full album get made and released so that all the greatness can be gathered in one place!'