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Plastic Rock video review by Anna C. Jones

Freelance Writer Anna C. Jones started following the band on twitter and presented this review to the band.

Plastic Rock’ is the latest single and music video from the Sonic Revolvers, a four piece rock band hailing from Runcorn. The band were formed in 2010 and its members include Darrell Tinsley on vocals, Richey Jones on guitar, Phil Mealing on bass and Mike Jones on drums.

The music video is instantly likeable and after the first few verses you’ll soon have it stuck in your head (in a good way!) Upon listening to ‘Plastic Rock’ it’s easy to envision this becoming an anthem for a generation of disillusioned youths with big ambitions, who won’t let small town attitudes hold them back.

The story behind ‘Plastic Rock’ involves a young man who wants to make it in the rock industry. He has the looks, attracts the girls and can play guitar…but is he missing the bigger picture? Without giving too much away, the protagonist tries to join a band and fulfil his ambitions, much to the confusion and bemusement of the audience.

The premise behind the video is about cutting through the fakery of the music industry by telling the story of how people sell who they really are to get a taste of fame. Filmed on a shoestring budget, the plot is far more meaningful and entertaining than a lot of modern mainstream videos– and gets its point across eloquently.

The meaning of the video is fairly personal to the band and in keeping with this message, it’s good to see that they have made the most of their hometown, using Halton and Frodsham to creatively build up the setting for the music video’s protagonist.

Providing the viewer with cultural references to the Beatles and early 90s grunge band Nirvana, The Sonic Revolvers serve up a superb slice of Brit rock laced with a delicious dose of punk.

‘Plastic Rock’ can be found on The Sonic Revolvers latest EP, ‘Suns of Mercury’.